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Pressurized Irrigation

NOTICE: No Watering 10am-6pm

The City has adopted an ordinance which prohibits outdoor watering between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. This applies to the drinking water system and the pressurized irrigation system. This is not a temporary or seasonal restriction. This restriction applies every day all year round from this time forth. Violation is a Class C misdemeanor.

CLICK HERE to read the Watering Restrictions letter in PDF format.


Salem Residents must conserve precious PI water. CLICK HERE to go to Salem's Conserve Water Page


CLICK HERE for a Pressurized Irrigation System Connection flyer in PDF format.

As you are all well aware we have been constructing the pressurized irrigation system for some time now. The system will be operational this spring. Below is a diagram that illustrates a typical residential connection to the pressurized irrigation system. It also shows a typical disconnect from the drinking water (culinary) system. It is unlawful for these two systems to be connected at the same time even with a shut off valve in-between the two systems. The two systems must be physically disconnected from one another to avoid potential contamination.

Please call Salem City at 423-2770 and schedule an inspection before you bury your piping systems. Our water department is gearing up for a busy summer getting the new system into operation and is ready to help however we can to make this transition as smooth and safe as possible.

PI  connection illustration

Pressurized Irrigation Information Summary

CLICK HERE for a Pressurized Irrigation Information Summary (2006) in PDF format.

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