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Utility Rates
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Utility Rates

CLICK HERE to view Utility Rates.


The following utility rate increases were approved for the 2010/2011 budget.

Garbage rates:
Increase $1.55 per month for the first & second can and will be effective August 1 (1st can from $10.50 to $12.05 and 2nd can from $8.50 - $10.05). The set up fee for a new can went from $25 - $50.

Residential Electric Rate Changes (affective September 2010 usage):
Current Rate: 0 700 kW h $0.07465 per kW h, and above 700 kW h $0.10 per kW h with a base rate of $11.00.

New Rate: 0 500 kWh $0.077659 per KWh; 501 999 kWh $0.091650 per kWh; 1000 kWh $1.50 per the one kWh; 1001 1499 kWh $0.11000 per kWh; 1500 kWh $2.50 per the one kWh; above 1501 kWh $0.11750 per kW h; and with a $11.00 base rate.

For Energy Savings Tips visit: www.umpa.cc and under Energy Savings Tips, or www.energy.gov/energysavingtips.htm. There are many ways to save on energy to help lower your monthly utility bills.

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